Our 14-day money-back guarantee
*** Customer satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.
If for any reason you feel that any of our source code does not meet your expectations and do not represent image descriptions with videos, return the products within 14 days and we A full refund will be issued to you (except for commercial transaction costs).
Return of all source code will be accepted within 14 days of delivery in the original download package. To return an item, simply fill out our refund authorization form and we will contact you within 1-2 business days of receiving our return source code information.
Please note that this is only for source documents that are not the same as described above, but otherwise will not agree to a refund. Please contact us if you wish to return any Safe Supplies, Written Documents, Software, Posters, etc...
*** Any promotional shipping incentives will not apply to returns.
*** All contact information via email address: contact@sourcecodeplus.com